Lemon Tea

Jojo is all about keeping it easy. Jojo asks himself why does he keep squeezing a lemon into his tea each time? Behold the ultimate island tea, Lemon Tea no more squeezing and getting lemon in his eye now.
Date Created: 2022
Calypso Lemon Tea 16oz bottle
Half of a lemon

Be your Island Self

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Where’s my Calypso?

Let’s keep these island vibes flowing!

#TasteOfTheIslands #BeYourIslandSelf #Calypso
Looks like someone is up to his mischievous self again...Jojo!  #TasteOfTheIslands #Summer
Let the good times begin!  #TasteOfTheIslands #Summer
#TasteOfTheIslands #Summer
Warm lemonade 😝  Don't forget the ice this holiday weekend! #TasteOfTheIslands
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Calypso Lemon Tea nutrition facts.