One sip of this crisp, cool, refreshing Cucumber Limeade will transport you: from dipping your toes in a half-filled kiddie pool on a hot summer day to sinking your toes into a white sandy beach, looking out into the ocean, as palm trees wave in the light breeze.
Date Created: 2019
Calypso Cucumber Limeade 16oz bottle

Be your Island Self

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A bottle of Calypso Cucumber Limeade sits on a counter next to a potted plant.

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#TasteOfTheIslands #ZeroSugar
Escape reality, dive into the tropics with one sip. #TasteOfTheIslands #BeYourIslandSelf
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#TasteOfTheIslands #Football #BigGame
Big game coming up this weekend, who's ready? #TasteOfTheIslands #Football #BigGame
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Calypso Cucumber Limeade nutrition facts.